5 Hot Tips to Sell Your Historic Home

Old as it may be, your historic home may just be the piece of property some home buyers are looking for. You don’t have to worry about the plenty of new homes selling here and there for old and historic houses have their own market segment. You just have to do the right things to make it sell. Here are 5 hot tips to jumpstart your goal.

Preserve the historic integrity of the house

Buyers of historic homes are very particular with the historic value of the house. As such, they prefer homes that retain and preserve decors, designs, and styles. These are all significant with how the house shaped its history.

Clean and repair

An old house doesn’t mean it has to look old and creepy with all the dust and cobwebs prominent on the things and house parts. It also should not reflect its age through obvious and unseen damages. Cleaning and repairing are two key processes that will help you make your old house presentable to potential buyers. Don’t forget to pay particular attention to your basement if you have one. Other house ports that you should look for damages are kitchens and baths. You should also clean and repair the windows, doors, sills, and even the moldings.

Grant buyer requests

Buyers have the right to request for repairs and fixes. You should grant them because other buyers would have the same request as what the first buyer would generally ask. Refusing buyer requests for repairs is deemed as an act of non-courtesy and will count against you as a home seller. You don’t want to have words circulating that you are rude and you are not yet ready to sell your house. Don’t you?

Capitalize on the home’s historic importance

Whether your house is an heirloom or you just bought it from its owner some years ago, you should capitalize on its historic importance to sell it. Conducting a research on how the house was built and who were its past residents would do a big impact. There might be some notable persons who are worth-mentioning. An event of great importance or perhaps an incident which helped changed how the house was looked upon by neighbors would also be significant. These are all points of interests that potential buyers would dare know from the depths of research pages.

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